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        Wrapping Tissue paper in a gift box

        Wrapping Tissue paper in a gift box

        To make tissue paper look good in a gift box, follow these simple steps:

        Fluff and shape:

        Gently fluff and unfold the tissue paper sheets. Smooth out any wrinkles and ensure they are evenly shaped.


        Start by placing a few sheets of tissue paper flat in the bottom of the gift box. Layering different colours can create a visually appealing effect.


        If the gift is fragile, crumple additional tissue paper sheets and place them on top of the flat layers to create cushioning and protect the contents.

        Lift and Arrange:

        Lift the sides of the tissue paper to create a visually pleasing display. The paper should extend slightly beyond the edges of the box.

        Finishing touch:

        Once the tissue paper is arranged to your liking, add the gift items on top. The tissue paper will help hold the items securely in place.

        Tissue paper tails:

        Allow some tissue paper to extend beyond the box to create a decorative "tail." You can trim or curl these tails for an added touch.

        Remember, the goal is to create an attractive and neatly arranged presentation while ensuring the gift items are well-protected. Adjust the arrangement as needed to achieve the desired aesthetic.

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