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      How to grow your brand with printed carrier bags

      Growing Your Brand With Printed Carrier Bags
      With a printed carrier bag, your company name will be displayed at the forefront of every customer delivery. Nearly 50% of customers state they develop customer loyalty with their very first purchase, it’s crucial to get your branding right from the start so your logo and company name is visible and attractive helping you capture your customers. RocabaPack can help your business deliver an out of store experience to your customer.

      Deliver An Out Of Store Experience
      We can match the bag to your brand and style. Over 87% of customers reviewing branded items felt like bags were the most valued promotional item. This makes printed carrier bags the perfect opportunity to deliver both your product and brand.

      Functionality And Form Combined For Takeaway Packaging
      As well as a bag with your branding, you also have a range of functional choices to ensure your customer’s takeaway arrives safely at their door. Decide on reinforced handles, heat resistant materials, biodegradable and recyclable options to ensure your food arrives piping hot or refreshingly chilled, no matter the order. You’ll be able to choose from several different colour options depending on the material type and can contact our packaging consultants if you’re looking for something a little more unique.

      There's Power In Packaging
      70% of customers believe they form their opinion of a brand based solely on packaging. That means 7 in 10 customers decide whether they’ll order from you again before they’ve even eaten their takeaway. Place your branding proudly on your printed carrier bag and let your brand leave a mark on the customer. It’ll help with brand recall if they’ve got your logo in front of them as they eat their delicious meal. You’ll also tap into the tremendous lifetime value of that customer if they become a regular.

      Express Delivery In 7 Days
      Do you have an order that you want to quickly complete? All of our express orders are delivered in 7 days. From the moment you place a call with us, you will receive a dedicated packaging consultant who will take you thorough our six-step process allows for a quick consultation, visual proofs to confirm your design and accurate delivery timelines, so you when you should be receiving your packaging. We’ve worked with clients from the BBC to British Gas, so we can adapt quickly to what is wanted by our clients, with expertise in branding from charity, food and beverage, fashion sectors and more.

      If you want to find out more about how printed carrier bags can grow your brand, or want to place an order, give us a call on 01-906-9202, or get a quick quote today. We can help you grow your brand.
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