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        Reduce your carbon footprint with Printed Plastic Bags

        Reduce your carbon footprint with Printed Plastic Bags

        There are studies that show that the idea of canvas tote or paper bags being more eco-friendly than plastic bags might be a myth. Whichever bags you own, the best way to protect the environment is by re-using your bags! This angle makes plastic the winner in terms of carbon footprint, as its durability means it's long lasting, whereas other bags may fall apart more quickly. 

        Save Money On Production
        As cotton tote bags can be more energy-intensive to produce, the costs for producing these are often higher. The reduced durability of canvas versus plastic also means you’ll need to buy more bags to meet your needs compared to plastic bags. The same also goes for paper bags, which are traditionally less long-lasting than their plastic counterparts. Purchasing printed plastic bags means that you’ll get a better value for money on production and a higher number of bags that will last you for longer.

        Better Quality Printing With Plastics
        Plastics have the benefits of being tough and flexible, which is why printing onto plastics is considered better value for money than printing on paper. Plastic bags endure bad weather far better than paper or even canvas counterparts, meaning people will be using a bag with your branding time and time again. Rocaba Pack works with degradable and biodegradable plastics, sustainable printing to ensure that all printed plastic bags remain a sustainable alternative to paper and canvas.

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