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      Wrap your Christmas presents using wrapping paper

      Wrap your Christmas presents using wrapping paper

      Wrapping Christmas presents is a joyful tradition. Here's are the steps to be followed:

      Materials needed:
      Gather your gift, wrapping paper, scissors, and tape.

      Measure and Cut:
      Roll out the wrapping paper, ensuring you have enough to cover the gift. Cut the paper, leaving extra on all sides.

      Wrap the gift:
      Centre the gift on the paper. Fold one side over and secure with tape. Repeat with the other side, creating a neat seam.

      Fold and Tape ends:
      Fold the paper's ends like you're wrapping a box. Secure one flap down with tape, then fold the other flap, tucking it under the first before taping.

      Add finishing touches:
      To enhance the festive look, use ribbons, bows, or tags.

      Remember, there are also Christmas-themed tissue papers available, like our Acid-Free Tissue Paper in various colours, which are perfect for adding an extra layer of charm to your wrapped gifts.

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