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        Brown Carrier Bags

        Brown paper bags are all the rage right now and bang on-trend. Customers are becoming more environmentally-savvy and eco-conscious than ever before, leading them to choose brown bags over practically any other colour, when they have the choice.

        In the past, retailers used brown paper bags almost exclusively. Then, with developments in marketing and branding, companies began experimenting with different materials and colours for their bags to advertise their products. This strategy worked for a while, but with consumers increasingly preferring the natural, we’ve gone full circle.

        Brown bags have an unrivalled ability to complement the natural world. When you provide customers with brown paper carrier bags, they leave your premises with the distinct impression that they are behaving sustainably. Not only does this help them achieve their personal environmental goals, but it also enables you to create a feel-good factor. People want their shopping to feel like an overwhelmingly positive experience - something that’s difficult to achieve when they know that it’s harming the environment. 
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