Jute Bags

We are a leading supplier of Jute Carrier Bags in Ireland. A Jute Bag is a great alternative to plastic bags or paper bags. We stock a range of quality Jute Bags We also offer print options. Our Printed Jute Bags are a great way to advertise your brand especially for promotional events.

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Our stock range includes small jute bags, large jute bags and are the perfect accessory as a shopping bag for life. If you are looking for quality jute bags in Ireland then look no further than Rocaba Pack Ireland.

If you are looking for a new eco-friendly bag option for your business, you might want to consider jute bags. Jute bags are a brilliant choice for any business. valued for their strength and durability due to being made from strong materials, Because of their strong quality these bags are suitable for heavy items, these bags will not break or tear and are also known as a bag for life.


Jute comes from a fibrous tall plant, the fibres come from the stem and skin of the plant. The fibres are spun into threads known as Burlap. These bags are biodegradable, they can take between 1 and 2 years to fully degrade. These bags are also compostable and can be used to fertilise farmland! 

On Trend

Over the last few years, consumers are more focused on being eco-friendly, staying green and lowering their carbon footprint.This has influenced style in many ways from clothing to accessories and Carrier Bags. Are you interested in joining the trend? If so, explore our range of jute bags. We have options for every type of retail store and company.