Paper Bags

We stock the largest selection of paper carrier bags in Ireland. Our paper bags come with twisted paper handles, flat tape handles, and even cotton handles. As well as being associated with upmarket businesses, paper bags come in a range of different colours, shades and styles. You can even get paper bags with different patterns and these can be chosen to perfectly match the brand profile of your business.

Help To Save The Planet

Using paper bags are an eco-friendly choice. Customers are incredibly focused on this concept and are willing to shop only with businesses who show a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Paper bags can subtly promote your company as one that is focused on making the effort to help the planet. Paper bags are also 100% recyclable.

Modern Trend

Paper bags are a modern trend. So, if you want to make your business look on trend  and in the loop, paper bags will be a great choice for you. Interested in ordering paper bags for your retail store or business? Check out our range to find the perfect style and design that will best suit your brand.