Tissue Paper

Are you looking for ways to enhance your product packaging while still staying green? If so, then you should consider using tissue paper. Our Tissue Paper comes in a range of colours, we are sure that you will find a colour that is on brand with your company. Vibrant, beautiful and even elegant, tissue paper has been used to dress up products for years.

Where you can use Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper is used by e-commerce businesses and retailers for the following; wrapping items, protective layer, decoration and void fill. Tissue Paper is a multi-purpose essential that is perfect for adding a special touch to your packaging. 

Aside from being eco-friendly and beautiful, Tissue Paper is also a budget-friendly option for packaging, at the same time it is associated with high quality, deluxe products for presentation purposes. If you’re interested in having Tissue Paper to make your products even more aesthetically pleasing, make sure you check out our full selection. Keep your packaging eco-friendly.

Printed Tissue Paper

Having your own Printed Tissue Paper can help take your brand to the next level. Your own Tissue Paper will add to a luxury packaging experience and help increase the professionalism of your brand. If you are interested in custom printed Tissue Paper, click here to learn more and get a quote