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        White Paper Bags

        People love white carrier bags - there’s no denying that - but too few businesses use them. Pure white has a certain aesthetic charm that coloured carrier bags do not. White helps to bring out the best in your products and creates a great connection between you and your customers. There’s a “je ne sais quoi” about the white carrier that makes a difference to the retail experience but isn’t widely understood.
        White carrier bags are simple, minimalistic, and pure. What’s more, they work seamlessly in a wide variety of retail and commercial environments. You’d be amazed at just how versatile white plastic bags and white paper bags can be.

        You can use white carrier bags if you are -

        A retailer who wants to offer a minimalist packaging option

        A takeaway restaurant that wants to provide durable, sturdy unbranded bags for carry-out meals

        A gift shop that wants bags to make customers feel special, loved and wanted

        A delicatessen that needs white paper bags to hold food customers as they order from the counter

        A stall operator at events, tradeshows and festivals who wants to give customers a goodie bag

        A wine merchant who need tall white bags for wine bottles

        A confectionery, pastry or to-go food vendor who needs white paper bags to hold their products for customers

        A clothing retailer wanting attractive white bags for their merchandise
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